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  • Whole house heating

    When a ducted heating system is installed the whole house stays warm. Your children can be in bed upstairs and you can have the luxury of staying warm downstairs.

    The most cost effective way to heat your entire house is said to be gas ducted heating and it is possible to save up to $250 per year in operating costs.

    Three times as much greenhouse gases are emitted by a house that uses an electrical appliance for their heating rather than a ducted gas appliance.

    By zoning out your living areas you can achieve the flexibility of heating sections of your living areas during the day and sleeping areas during the night time. You can choose what suits your individual needs. Zoning is economical and saves on bills.

    What is ducted heating?

    Depending on the structure of your home, the ducted central heating is positioned strategically within your home. If you have space underneath your house, then the unit would be installed outside or under the floor. If, however, your house is low lying, then it can be installed in the floor. The ductwork is positioned out of site, this is what connects the outlets to your heating system.

    How does it work?

    Warm soft air flows through the heater and is warmed. It then flows through every room of your house. This is achieved through a return air grille as the heating unit draws air from inside your house.

  • Gas Ducted Heating

    An illustration of how gas ducted heating can been positioned in your home.

  • Gas Ducted Heating

    An illustration of cold air in and warm air out.