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    With a reverse cycle air conditioner you can heat as well as cool your home or office work place. We offer professionally designed and installed reverse cycle air conditioning systems, and it has now become a well-known fact that it is one one of the most efficient ways to heat your home or office using electricity.

    During the colder winter months, a reverse cycle air conditioner absorbs heat from the outside/outdoor air to warm the air within the room/rooms of the building. This is a much more reliable and energy efficient technique than any other way, for example, conventional heaters which tend to create heat energy. The reverse cycle air conditioning systems have been designed and manufactured to also suit cold conditions - the air conditioning systems have a defrost cycle to allow it to function effectively in cold temperatures

    During the long hot summer months, a reverse cycle air conditioner will absorb heat from within a room or rooms of a building. Then it dissipates the warm air outside the building, leaving the internal temperature cooler.
    As every knows, electricity prices are continuing to rise and, therefore, the costs of air conditioning becomes very relevant. Reverse cycle air conditioning systems have evolved very quickly to ensure that they are energy efficient. Also inverter technology plays a very large role and increases the air conditioning systems energy efficiency. Did you know that inverter technology is one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool your home or building.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Product

    You can control multiple rooms, or the entire house, using just one ducted system. Exceptionally discreet, the system is concealed in your ceiling, offering seamless integration into your home's décor. Can be operated from an easy to use LCD control. Quiet and efficient, and easy to maintain, offering perfect comfort throughout the entire home.

  • Split Air Conditioning Product

    Samsung split system air conditioner offers great features and the first to offer integrated WiFi function. Samsung air conditioner is set to continue sales to the air conditioning consumer looking for a quiet and with a high efficiency air conditioner.


    • Good sleep two mode
    • Water fall heating mode
    • Step Air Purifying System
    • Auto heat cool change over mode
    • Power on / off switch operation mode
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Product

    Air-conditioning Sydney is ready to assist organisations design ideal air conditioning solutions for their workplace. There are a few configurations however your solution may require additional options. One of the options is the following:

    The multi split system is usually a single outdoor compressor unit connected to up to nine indoor system units. This enables you to control individual rooms whenever required. This saves on running costs as wastage is eliminated by only air conditioning rooms when required and also improves comfort.

    The size and environment of each room determines the choice of the indoor units. The combination of indoor units has been determined, the outdoor unit can be determined.

    Key benefits: Air quality tends to be controlled more efficiently with split systems. This can be very important for people suffering with their health, e.g. Asthma sufferers. The smaller the workplace is the more economical a multi split system will be.